we value "whole health"

We care about how the mind body and spirit impacts your health to create vital life. With these three parts, we are creating profound change in your health.

What We Do Nutritionally

The purpose of muscle testing is to be able to locate weak or challenged tissues or cells and then to be able to find the nutrition or action that brings about correction.

How does it work?

Each one of us is made up of trillions of cells and in each cell is trillions of molecules and atoms. Each atom or molecule puts off a continuous energy signature. Collectively that energy signature expands off the body for several feet typically. This energy field around our body interacts with our surroundings. What’s great is we can also interact with this energy field to ask questions about what’s going on inside the body.( It is my belief that in the future photography much like kirlian photography will enable us to see what deficiencies and/or emotional stress is happening.)
When an organ or tissue is found to be weak under stress, different nutrition is used until the one is found that strengthens it the best. Typically nutrition is done for 1-3 months to strengthen weak tissue. In extreme cases a supplement may be done for 6 to 9 months. Part of the complication is weak tissues may be weak because they have been compensating for long periods of time due to another tissues damage.  Although this damage has been developing for extended periods of time, it is able to be corrected with our muscle testing.

The hair test

Hair tests are done to find mineral balances in the body. In addition to Mineral balances certain mineral ratios tell us how organs and hormones are doing even cardiovascular health. Each hair on our head sits in a pool of blood with a thousand cells around it feeding the hair follicle. They can only put in the hair what is available to them in the blood. So, what we find in the hair in terms of mineral balances is a fantastic indicator of what’s available to every cell in the body. A small amount of hair is removed from the back of the head underneath so that it cannot be seen missing. Hair tests are done about every 6 months but some opt to do it every 4 months.


Whole food nutrition is like receiving a complete car filled with gas ready to go out and make a difference in the world. In comparison, store-bought synthetic vitamins are like receiving just the steering wheel, while it is an important part of the car it sorely lacks horsepower to do anything or go anywhere. Allow us help you get the whole car. 


Chiropractic compares to turning the circuit back on when it has been tripped off in our house. The overloaded circuit tripping off compares to the stress in our lives. Mental pressures physical damage and poor nutrition are the stresses we face daily in our lives. For these reasons, at Infinity Whole Health, we focus on correcting the misalignments of your spine so that you can handle stress better as well as heal from what you have already been through. And to keep you at a higher level of health and wellbeing we help you find and minimize or eliminate your stressors. Once the level of health you would like has been achieved – the wellness Chiropractic Adjustment becomes the cornerstone for a rich and rewarding life experience. A body free of nerve interference has unlimited human potential.


Wellness is not only physical soundness and more than adequate nutritional reserves but is also mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Complete stores of nutrition in cells but mentally bankrupt without being grounded is not wellness. That grounding often results from the struggles or suffering through a condition.