How to “Self-Treat” Cold & Flu

Sometimes illness will come on in spite of the most rigorous precautions. If you do have a cold or flu, here are some tools you can use to get through it and protect your immune system in the process.

  • Common clichés: specifically, rest, water, and vitamin C (the full C complex found in foods, NOT ascorbic acid supplements!). Common wisdom about cold and flu may not be sophisticated, but the old standards do help. Water will keep you hydrated and cooled if you’re feverish. It also helps wash away the “battlefield debris” of your body’s internal fight against your illness. Have you ever wondered why rest is so important? Do you realize that 90% of your energy is spent every day just keeping you upright? Rest allows you to stop fighting gravity and save your energy for rebuilding your immune system.
  • Acids: Keeping acid levels high in the gut will help draw toxins out of the body. Acidify the gut with fermented foods like raw apple cider vinegar (the kind with “the mother”), homemade sauerkraut, pickles, or kombucha.
  • Calcium: Calcium is a natural immune booster, which makes it an obvious assistant when combating a cold or flu. If illness is accompanied by a fever or a dry, unproductive (without phlegm) cough, these are strong indicators that calcium is lacking.
  • Goldenseal: If you tend to develop pneumonia after a harsh bout of the flu, a high-quality supplement of this herb is good to have on hand. Goldenseal helps breaks up mucus and keeps matter from settling in the lungs.
  • Chiropractic care: Now is not the time to neglect regular chiropractic care! By taking good, consistent care of the nervous system, even during illness, you’ll help restore the self-healing function of the body, and you will be in the best condition of wellness to resist disease thus allowing viruses and bacteria to come in a have to clean up the mess.


Most people don’t die from colds and flus these days. But even though these illnesses are no longer considered “life-threatening,” they are good indicators that “life damage” is occurring! If you experience a cold and flu, your overall health is not as good as you might think. Please contact our office today and let us help you begin the process of bringing your body back to full, complete health.