The REAL Truth About “Germ Theory”

Since the mid-1800s, the germ theory has dominated medical understanding as the explanation for how infectious diseases—including colds—are caused. According to the germ theory put forward by Louis Pasteur, diseases like the common cold, influenza, and pneumonia are introduced to the body by bacteria and viruses. The very basic idea behind germ theory is this: if a disease microorganism enters the body, you will contract the disease carried by that microorganism. End of story.


But if this is true, why are doctors and nurses not the sickest people on the planet? After all, they are around people with infectious diseases most of their adult lives; shouldn’t they be sick constantly? Obviously this is not the case. If the germ theory was correct, we’d all get sick every time we touched a public door handle or not to mention every hour each person is breathing in 50,000 bacteria flying through the air.


Contrary to popular belief, if you are truly in good health, it is impossible for anyone to “give” you their cold and make you sick, or vice versa. The natural habitat for a virus (or bacteria, fungus, amoeba, or any other microorganism) is diseased tissue. In fact, body tissue must be weak and diseased in order for organisms and toxic substances to have any effect. The World Health Organization has tried in vain to grow bacteria, viruses, and fungus on healthy, living tissue—it can’t be done, because healthy, living tissue is naturally resistant to disease. This means that if you become sick with a cold, your body was on a downhill swing already, and that’s what enabled the cold virus to take effect.


Have you ever watched a nature show where a lion hunts and kills a gazelle? As any naturalist will tell you, a lion will not track the strongest, fastest, most vital gazelles; instead, the lion will always go after small, weak, slow and helpless member of the herd. It’s the same with viruses and bacteria, which will locate and settle in weak, damaged or sick cells rather than healthy, vital cells.  These little critters are the clean-up crew but they are getting blamed for causing disease.  So, only if your body is weak and sick already can you catch a transmittable illness. This is why it’s so important to present a solid defense against stress, sickness and disease. Your cells really need two things: good communication from the Master Controller (the brain) and good nutrients to do their work well. When you give cells what they need through chiropractic care and pure, high-quality food sources, your body will easily resist illness.