Why the Cold is so Common

But instead of being a rare occurrence, these days it seems like most children and adults alike experience colds or flus a few times a year. There are a few reasons why the common cold has become so common:

  • Stress. Several studies about stress have been conducted over the years, and each study reveals what we can probably sense without being told: stress and anxiety are at an all-time high compared to the stress experienced by our grandparents’ generation. Nobody can escape stress completely, but causes of stress seem built in to the average adult lifestyle. Tight deadlines, long commutes, family tensions, finances—all these are major sources of stress. Even “good,” positive activities, like wedding planning or volunteering for the PTA, add to our stress load. Stress increases cortisol levels, which increases the alkalinity of the gut. Higher alkaline equals lower acid [link to GERD blog]; without normal acid levels, the gut can’t effectively break down and get rid of toxic elements very well. So we’re more likely to get sick more frequently. Stress also shuts down the nervous system, which in turn shuts down the immune system. Chiropractic helps the nervous system heal and restore itself and maintain healthy immunity, so you can handle life stress better. [link to…]Read more about chiropractic here.
  • Food quality. Once again, society seems to be fighting against our bodies and our health. The average diet is designed for convenience to accommodate our high-stress living habits. Foods processed into boxes and cans lack crucial vitamins and minerals, enzymes and good fats. Produce is grown in nutrient-poor soil and engineered not for nutrient content, or even for flavor, but for durability in travel, as fruits and vegetables are trucked over huge distances from field to market. Because fresh produces loses nutrient value from the moment it’s harvested, the fresher the product, the better. A loaf of bread made with fresh-ground grain will last about two days before it molds—that’s real food!